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Vivitar Flash for Olympus SLR/DSLR Camera – Black (DF383OLY)

Vivitar Flash for Olympus SLR/DSLR Camera - Black (DF383OLY)

The Vivitar DF-383 flash is a fully automatic, system-dedicated shoe mount flash. It features full TTL support for digital SLR cameras. The bounce, zoom, and swivel head will give you more creative opportunities with your shots. The six position power zoom covers focal lengths of 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, and 85mm. It can be set to bounce at 0 Degree , 45 Degree , 60 Degree , 75 Degree , and 90 Degree , and has a horizontal swivel of 270 Degree to allow for softer lighting. The power level of the flash output can be set manually from full-power down to 1/16th. The flash includes a built-in slave function which allows it to be positioned off-camera, and triggered by any second flash. A red focus beam will help you achieve focus in low light conditions, and power saving circuitry incorporates an auto-off element, giving you more battery life. The incorporated flash reflecting plate creates beautiful lighting which greatly improve your images. The wide angle diffuser can be used to soften and increase the coverage of light from the flash. Red-eye reduction will prevent your flash from reflecting off your subject’s eyes.

  • Bounce, Power Zoom, and Swivel Head
  • Red focus assist beam for low light focusing
  • Automatic shutter speed setting

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What customers say about Vivitar Flash for Olympus SLR/DSLR Camera – Black (DF383OLY) Reviews?

  1. 105 of 106 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Budget Flash, April 21, 2009
    J. Stout “egandalf” (Greenup, KY United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    First, I didn’t get my unit here (sorry, Amazon), but I am enjoying it a great deal.

    If you’re a knowledgeable amateur or a pro on a tight budget, I would certainly recommend giving this flash a try – I think you’ll be surprised by the value.

    I was impressed by the usability of this little guy. You really do have full manual control over the entire unit, which is something I really wanted after seeing the 420 work without any manual controls to speak of. And all the settings are easily changed/easily read with the LCD (which makes this easily worth the extra price compared to the 283). The power output is very good; I haven’t been disappointed yet whether firing it direct, bouncing it or using it as a slave. The built-in diffuser and card do make a very noticeable difference in the photos I’ve taken.

    Slave mode is photometric, meaning that it detects another flash fire and fires with it. That means I didn’t have to buy another cheap radio slave for this unit. It works exactly as it should. What else can I say?

    TTL works a treat. I’ve never had a TTL flash before, but it works great. I’ve always set everything on my camera manually, cheap flash unit included, so that’s what I’m used too. But since buying this flash there have been a couple of occasions when I was in a hurry and just popped it on there and switched it to full TTL. The zoom, aperture, and iso all adjust with the camera settings and it’s easy to read the effective range of the flash using the LCD. When you pop it up for a bounce shot, it adjusts the beam to 50mm (roughly middle of the road) and adjusts the power depending on your camera settings to still get a great shot. I’ll probably still normally use manual settings, but it’s very nice to know I’ve got something better than the popup flash when I’m in a hurry or don’t want to think too much.

    Happy shooting!


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  2. 41 of 41 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent external flash for the price., January 7, 2010
    Gustavo Barrera “Gusto” (Mahwah, NJ) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I purchased this unit to use with my Canon EOS XSi. I have used it for about two months without a single problem. The unit has the ability to swivel the flash head to the ceiling when you are taking horizontal photos and vertical photos. This feature is especially useful when taking a portrait very close to your subject since you can use the bounce flash. Another useful feature is that the flash has a retractable diffuser and white reflector for bounce flash. You can use the diffuser only or both the diffuser and the reflector. The camera integrates seamlessly with the Canon camera but you have to be careful to understand how the flash and the camera work together. For example if you set the camera to shutter priority (Tv setting) you must understand that the Canon camera will treat the flash as a fill flash for your scene. One excellent feature of this flash is the fact that you can set it as a slave. I have a point and shoot camera that has limited flash range. However if you use this flash on slave mode, you have the power (Flux) to use bounce flash with your point and shoot camera. All you have to do is hold the flash with one arm and shoot with the camera with the other. With respect to power consumption, I shot about 400 flash photos with one set of Kodak Alkaline batteries. I also have used rechargeable batteries with no problems.


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  3. 40 of 41 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    It works, but boy is it irritating., October 12, 2010
    Andrew Sutterfield (Campbell, CA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I got this flash to be part of my speedlite studio lighting setup, for studio or location photography. (built around David Hobby’s Strobist approach) Since this flash also does TTL it works fairly well as a normal on-camera flash.

    Let me get into the good parts of this flash before I explain why I don’t like it.
    -It’s cheap for what it is. At $110 when I bought it, it’s a really good deal for a flash that has a built-in optical slave and TTL. The price is its only redeeming feature.
    -It has a built in optical slave, a great feature for this price range. This means it will automatically flash when it sees the pulse of light from another flash. When working with multiple light setups, this is very helpful and convenient.
    -It does TTL. (automatic flash exposure) I don’t use this feature since I already have a Canon 430EX that also does TTL, and I only need one TTL flash, but if someone wanted a budget flash for on their camera this is a good way to go.
    -The flash head rotates up 90 degrees, and spins 270 degrees.
    -It’s pretty powerful. Maybe about as powerful as my 430EX but I haven’t tested it.
    -It works. It hasn’t broken on me yet after a couple months of regular use.

    And now the reasons I don’t like it (in order of importance to me).
    -POWER SAVE. I hate it. You can’t disable it. When the flash is not in slave mode, it will automatically turn off after 3 minutes or so, seemingly regardless of whether or not I fired it recently. Since I work with this as an off-camera flash, (with a radio trigger) it’s aggravating to have to go re-activate it every 3 minutes during a photoshoot or event. The only redeeming thing here is the power save is disabled when used in Slave mode. So if you do get this flash for off camera work, try to always use it as an optical slave.
    -Slow operation. When you turn the flash on, the flash head zooms in and out, then it starts charging. It’s on TTL mode by default. Press the mode button to go to manual power, and press it again to cycle thru the power levels. You have to go through that whole sequence, minus the capacitors charging, every time you: 1) switch between normal and slave mode, and 2) wake up the flash after it auto powers off every 3 minutes. This leaves me fiddling with the flash for a good 5-10 seconds at a time while my model stands there wondering if I really know what I’m doing.
    -Ridiculously slow recycle time. I timed it- with fresh batteries newly inserted, this flash takes 25+ seconds to charge all the way. Especially firing at higher power levels, you’ll run down the capacitors quick. Don’t expect to shoot very fast with this flash.
    -Inconsistent power output. If you fire the flash at a given power level then ask it to fire again at the same power level before the capacitors have charged enough to actually put out that amount of light, the flash will fire anyway, but at a lower power level. You won’t be able to tell with your eyes that it was a weaker flash, but when you look at the photos, they’ll be underexposed.
    -It only goes down to 1/16th power. That makes it a lot less flexible when I need just a little bit of light. Most other flashes go to 1/64th power.
    -The optical slave isn’t reliable outdoors.
    -It’s loud. Every flash has a high-pitched whine when the capacitors are charging, but this one is way louder than my 430EX. It gets really annoying.
    -Slow and loud zoom action.

    In conclusion, this is a decent, cheap flash to get if you need a more powerful automatic flash to be mounted on your camera. If you don’t mind not having TTL, I highly recommend the LumoPro LP160 instead. For $50 more, it’s a hugely better flash that will leave you grinning instead of pulling your hair out.


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