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Olympus Stylus SH-50 iHS Digital Camera with 24x Optical Zoom and 3-Inch LCD (White)

Olympus Stylus SH-50 iHS Digital Camera with 24x Optical Zoom and 3-Inch LCD (White)

With spectacular image quality and advanced video recording features, the SH-50 iHS is the only thing you’ll need to capture truly amazing stills and videos. Equipped with a 24x wide-angle optical zoom lens (25-600mm equivalent), you’ll get super close to the action even if you can’t move in any closer. And when you consider its low light performance, high-speed responsiveness, iHS technology, and the most sophisticated 5-axis video stabilization on the market in a point-and-shoot camera, your days of settling for cell phone pics or hauling around a dedicated camcorder are over. Shoot in glorious Full 1080p HD Video while controlling your frame rate and aspect ratio thanks to the Advanced Movie mode. Rely on the completely automatic Enhanced Intelligent Auto (iAuto) mode, or venture to full control using Manual mode for images exactly the way you want to capture them. Get the perfect shot every time thanks to High-Speed Sequential Shooting at 10 frames per second in full resolution. And for even more flexibility, rely on the touch screen to set your focus point, fire off the shutter button and even make color and tone changes right on the LCD screen with Live Guide. It’s everything you’ll need to finally ditch the camera phone and closet the camcorder.

  • Outstanding image quality, 24X wide-angle zoom, 3-Axis image stabilization
  • Worlds first 5-Axis video stabilization in a compact camera, 1080P full HD video
  • Manual mode, touch screen and live guide, tele-macro

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What customers say about Olympus Stylus SH-50 iHS Digital Camera with 24x Optical Zoom and 3-Inch LCD (White) Reviews?

  1. 138 of 146 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A really enjoyable camera with pleasant image quality., August 28, 2013
    Anthony Pantliano “The Photo Guy” (New York State) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

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    Customer Video Review Length:: 2:40 Mins

    The Olympus Stylus SH-50 has an awesome zoom, nice image quality, and tons of great features.

    Design wise the Olympus is very handsome and understated. It has a rubberized grip on the front that makes holding the camera easy and the camera feels great in the hand. The camera’s materials are very nice with a metal front plate. The buttons and dials feel high quality and work smoothly. It’s nicely assembled and feels sturdy. Size wise it’s not going to fit into a jean pocket but will travel well in a jacket pocket or a small bag. Included with the Olympus is a USB cable that plugs into your computer or the included power adaptor. The battery charges in camera. Also included is a stylus to operate the touch screen, but I found the touch screen worked well enough that I didn’t need it.

    The Olympus has lots of features that cater to photographers of every skill set. For those who prefer to let the camera do all of the work there is an automatic mode, a handful of scene modes, and a few artistic filters (pinhole, fisheye, etc.). One thing to be aware of is that in automatic mode the camera will rarely fire the flash. The Olympus would rather keep the shutter speed low. That may result in blurry photos due to camera and/or subject movement. To make matters worse, in automatic mode you’re only given two choices for the flash, automatic and off, so you can’t even force the flash to fire manually. The solution is to shoot in P mode or the indoor scene mode, where flash fires much more readily. This is a pretty odd way for the camera to behave, and I think it is the Olympus’ biggest flaw. For those who want more control the camera offers a fully manual mode that lets you choose the aperture (only two available at any given zoom), shutter speed (from 15″ – 1/2000), and ISO speed (there is no auto ISO in M mode). Additionally, there are two presets for custom white balance. One thing I don’t like is that the Olympus does not have a dedicated macro button. If you want to access the closest shooting range you have to enter the macro scene mode, which is completely automated.

    Using the Olympus is easy. The buttons are well laid out, the menu system is simple and easy to understand, and the touch screen is very responsive. The thing about the touch screen is that it only controls a very limited set of functions. When taking photos it will let you tap take the photo or just set the focus/exposure. It works well and responds quickly. In playback mode you can use the touch screen to go through photos or pan when zoomed into a photo.

    The Olympus is a very speedy camera. After you turn it on it is ready to shoot in about 4 seconds. It focuses at wide angle in about 1 second and the long end in about 2 seconds. It rarely hunts for focus, even at full telephoto. Continuous shooting speeds are also great. When shooting full resolution you are offered a choice of two speeds. The faster one takes a few photos every second and stops after 17 photos, while the slower speed takes about 1 photo every second and I stopped at 50 photos but the camera could keep shooting.

    Photo quality of the Olympus is great. Color, exposure, and focus are perfect about 99% of the time. Overall, the photos have a very pleasant and appealing look with rich accurate color and nice tonality. However, the one place where the Olympus falters is with resolving fine detail. This is a small sensor packed with pixels and in order to combat noise (color speckling) Olympus chooses to blur it away. Therefore, even at the lowest ISO speeds, details like grass and hair end up looking mushy and indistinct. I’d consider up to ISO 400 as where you’d want to do most of your shooting, use ISO 800-1600 in a pinch, and stay away from higher sensitivities as photos look less like photos and more like blotchy watercolor paintings. Still, unless you’re making huge prints, or cropping photos dramatically, you probably won’t even notice the loss of detail and will be very happy with the photos the Olympus takes. The image stabilizer is very effective and I was able to take sharp shots at wide angle at 1/5 and at telephoto at 1/250. Strangely, the stabilizer will sometimes make a loud squeaking/farting noise at full telephoto. Be careful in a quiet setting as people may think the noise is coming from you!

    Movies shot with the Olympus are quite nice. They are full high definition and have stereo sound. You can use the optical zoom while shooting, but you’ll hear the motor on the recording in quiet environments. The image stabilizer is very effective, and movies are smooth and have little shake.

    The lens on the Olympus is quite a performer. Not only does it start at a nice wide angle of 25mm (letting you fit more in the photo), but also the 24x optical zoom lets you get really close without reduction in photo quality. The lens is sharp,…

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  2. 83 of 92 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great non-DSLR alternative, September 15, 2013
    NyReckDiver (Long Island, NY) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

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    As a professional freelance photographer, I try to take my primary DSLR camera everywhere. However, it’s simply impractical, especially when on family vacations. I have carried a number of alternatives including the Nikon COOLPIX P7700 12.2 MP Digital Camera with 7.1x Optical Zoom NIKKOR ED Glass Lens and 3-inch Vari-Angle LCD and the Fujifilm X20 12 MP Digital Camera with 2.8-Inch LCD (Silver). While those are different class cameras and aptly suited as DSLR alternatives in certain situations, I find the SH-50 just as suitable for nearly every situation with limited exceptions. For example, since the camera does not produce RAW files, in my opinion, camera use is limited to those situations in which you will not seriously post process images.

    I reviewed this product from the perspective of a typical end-user looking for portability and quality with ease of use. This camera scored high in all areas. It is an advanced level point and shoot camera without question and will perform incredibly well for any end-user seeking high quality images in a convenient package.

    Product packaging is exceptional with very clear instructions. As always, I recommend reading the manual- an often overlooked task. The product build is also exceptional, providing a very solid build quality typical at this price point. In fact, the next jump to build quality in my opinion puts you in the Nikon COOLPIX P7700 12.2 MP Digital Camera with 7.1x Optical Zoom NIKKOR ED Glass Lens and 3-inch Vari-Angle LCD class, at a much higher price point (though it is expected to drop with the announcement of the Nikon COOLPIX P7800 12.2 MP Digital Camera with 7.1x Optical Zoom NIKKOR ED Glass Lens and 3-inch Vari-Angle LCD. Note, this build quality also increases the size. Unlike much cheaper options, this camera will not fit into pants pockets. It is better suited for carrying in a bag or a waist pack. Ergonomic design is well thought out in all aspects and any complaints would really be nitpicking. The rubberized grip on the right side of the camera seriously improves shooting ability through a better grip and a stabilized hold. The touch screen provides limited value in my opinion, but its nice to see this option finally emerging. I do miss a viewfinder, which I consider critical for serious photography. However, this camera was not designed or marketed with that intention.

    One of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of consumer cameras is responsiveness; and, specifically three key areas: time to turn on, time to focus and lock, and shutter time. In all three areas, the Olympus exceeded my expectations and I have found it to be nearly as good as my more expensive P7700 in this regard. Even in low light, the Olympus seemed to acquire and lock focus far better than expected. Keep in mind, for context, I am a full blown pro level DSLR shooter. This ability to obtain and lock focus means you will likely not miss those important shots of your family in action.

    The SH-50 provides a decent amount of manual control for the creative types. However, it offers ease of use through fully automatic control with scene detection. However, in automatic mode, I noticed the flash rarely fired. As a strobist myself, I rarely shoot without flash, even in broad daylight. The camera also offers custom white balance though I imagine most will stick to automatic white balance, which worked very well in my tests.

    Since this camera, like nearly all at this level, does not offer RAW files, image quality of the produced jpeg out of the camera is critical as most users will not post process. In this regard, the Olympus is likely best in class. Skin tones were accurately reproduced with decent, yet not over-saturation. The camera shot with minimal noise to ISO 400 but I would never exceed ISO 800 with this camera personally (I am a low ISO shooter by design). But, you can go to ISO 1600 if needed. Exposure and color were incredibly accurate in my tests. A key thing to keep in mind is the ability of the camera and lens to resolve details at increased zoom lengths (any camera really). In this case, the small sensor with the dense pixel design (16mp on a small sensor) cannot overcome the 24x optical (versus digital) zoom. Keep that in mind as you zoom in.

    A final key selling point of this camera is the 25mm wide…

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  3. 53 of 58 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best Camera I’ve Ever Owned, July 12, 2013
    Thomas Krafft “thomaskrafft” (Eaton, Colorado) –

    This review is from: Olympus Stylus SH-50 iHS Digital Camera with 24x Optical Zoom and 3-Inch LCD (White) (Electronics)
    Beautiful form meets ultimate function in this camera and that’s no exageration. I have had five digital cameras before this one, including an interchangeable lens micro 4/3rds Olympus that I liked very well. None has had the full features in a convenient size as this one does. The menus are intuative and easy to use, the buttons are comfortably and traditionally located and the anti-shake features are as good as Olympus claims. Best and most important of all the photos look extremely fine with little noise and the colors seem very accurate. Battery life is plenty long, but I did also purchase a spare. I do wish there were a way to charge the battery outside the camera, but there is a light around the power button to let you know when it is fully charged. I love the telephoto range and at this point no other point and shoot this small has such extreme range and with the superlative stabilization. You can use the full zoom without a tripod. I give this camera my highest recommendation. For an unbiased, extensive review go to […]


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